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Which one of these are you? A few days back, i saw a vision of something that looked like below : I kept praying about it, and here is what i felt the Lord was saying :   These images convey an important correlation : 1. The most important is the soul and the least…

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Power of Blessing – Pt. 1

Most of the time that we pray with others we are actually blessing them. We bless for the grace of peace, joy, healing-physical or inner healing or however the Holy Spirit leads you to pray. The goal of learning to give blessings is to EMPOWER you to bless your children, family and friends. Blessing is…

How to pray for healing (Healing – Part 2)

Jesus has commissioned us to preach that the kingdom is near and to heal – and has shown us how to do it. We don’t heal – we just call on His name and ask for His healing grace and love to flow through us to the person we are praying for. There’s nothing to…

Healing – Part 1

Jesus spent a third of His ministry healing people of all kinds of diseases (Mat 4:23). Obviously it was important to Him to heal people. He commissioned His apostles and disciples (72) to go out and heal as well. By virtue of our baptism, we too are called to, and equipped, to pray for healing…


Julie Huttula delivered a teaching on Intercessions and how to be a prayer warrior.  

The Mass – Liturgy of the Eucharist

This is the last of the 3 part series on Mass focusing on the Liturgy of the Eucharist. Every prayer offered during Mass and every ritual performed by the priest and the faithful have a special significance and based on the Word of God. Comprehending this depth will enable us to better appreciate the happenings…

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