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Surrendering to the Holy Spirit

Romans 8:14 says “Those who are led by the Spirit of God are the Sons of God”. To become sons and daughters of God we need to listen to the Holy Spirit, our Paraclete, who Jesus sent to us to be our guide and helper, and to obey Him. As sons and daughters of God,…

Holy Spirit in the Life of Early Christians

The most important thing that happened on Pentecost was the birth of the church. By the coming of the Holy Spirit a group of 120 scared and confused individuals were transformed to be the beginning of the church that we know of today. Their faith in Christ bonded them to be a tremendously strong and…

Holy Spirit in the life of the Apostles

The Apostles were ordinary, everyday people who were transformed at Pentecost and by the power of the Holy Spirit began preaching, healing, speaking in tongues, having visions, raising people from the dead and living in communion with one another. But they were also beaten, stoned and killed for their faith. They are our spiritual ancestors…

Holy Spirit in the Church

The Holy Spirit is alive and active in the Church today with the primary mission of continuously preparing us to encounter Christ. This teaching focuses on the role of the Holy Spirit in the Church, a communion established by Christ, where He continuously reveals and manifests the will of the Father and the Son.  

Holy Spirit in Everyday Life

This teaching is part of the Upper Room Series. No man is an island and so each one has countless encounters with varied people in everyday life. Each encounter has an interface that needs to be managed – managed with the presence of the Holy Spirit. This teaching focuses on the key aspects of daily…

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