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This Lent – become a Shock Absorber

A few years ago, i saw a short movie that went as follows : It starts with an angry man coming home and yelling at his wife. His wife receives the transfer of his “anger” baggage and in turn yells at her maid. That spoils the day for her maid and on reaching home, she yells…

Learning from God

Which one of these are you? A few days back, i saw a vision of something that looked like below : I kept praying about it, and here is what i felt the Lord was saying :   These images convey an important correlation : 1. The most important is the soul and the least…

Latest Teachings

Introduction to Jesus’ Ministry

Jesus’ power is available to us for us to overcome the power of enemy in our lives. Jesus has given us authority to reject the enemy and he will flee from us.  

Healing Essentials

The story of Namaan from 2 Kings 5, offers an illustration of the loving grace of the Almighty on a general of a pagan nation. Because God is sovereign, no matter how many turns Naaman’s journey took, ultimately he reached the destination of Healing. His thirst to be healed of the dreaded disease led him…

Inner Healing

The human self is made up of the Body, Mind and Spirit with all three elements closely connected. As a result, when any one area gets impacted other areas could be affected as well. Inner Healing deals with healing of conditions that affect the mind – primarily suffering or trauma, hurts or sin. The teaching…

Power of Blessing – Pt. 1

Most of the time that we pray with others we are actually blessing them. We bless for the grace of peace, joy, healing-physical or inner healing or however the Holy Spirit leads you to pray. The goal of learning to give blessings is to EMPOWER you to bless your children, family and friends. Blessing is…

How to pray for healing (Healing – Part 2)

Jesus has commissioned us to preach that the kingdom is near and to heal – and has shown us how to do it. We don’t heal – we just call on His name and ask for His healing grace and love to flow through us to the person we are praying for. There’s nothing to…

Upcoming Events

  • 06Mar

    Praise and WorshipSt. Louise Room @ St. Louise Catholic Church
    141-156th Ave SE, Bellevue WA 98007
    06:30 PM
  • 13Mar

    Praise and WorshipSt. Louise Room @ St. Louise Catholic Church
    141-156th Ave SE, Bellevue WA 98007
    06:30 PM
  • 20Mar

    Lenten RetreatSt. Stephen the Martyr Catholic Church
    13055 SE 192nd St., Renton, WA 98058
    06:30 PM

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